These are the projects near and dear to my little heart.



Rentler's a next generation online property management tool designed by landlords for landlords. We've taken everything that's awesome about renting properties and made it better and we've taken everything that's difficult about being a landlord and made it easier.

I co-founded Rentler with an amazing team of talent. We built it from the ground up using Asp.Net Mvc, Html 5, Redis, Sql Server, Mongo, Azure, and numerous other great technologies.

Position: Co-Founder / CTO



Social media analytics in real time. Nuvi is an powerful platform for analyzing, monitoring, and engaging with social media. It's designed to quickly weed through the noise of the internet, and bring the most relevant information to the forefront.

With social media lessons learned from previous projects, Nuvi was built using the latest technologies including: Asp.Net Mvc, Redis, Mongo, and an extremely powerful Html 5 frontend.

Position: Co-Founder / Developer

A few other projects I have been lucky enough to work on.

Gatorade Mission Control


Quaker Oats

Amazing Mornings




HP Voodoo Envy