The Story to Start the Skydiving


Jobe came over as me and Sontek had already been to Mt. Pleasent for a time at the UPS place. He decides that he is really bored and that he is going to take us out to eat.

To the Airport

John, Jobe, and I departed on a trip to Mt. Pleasent. Of course when me and Jobe get togethor, we tend to act a little crazy. I recall an instant when we were in Alabama for a rock-climbing extravaganza, that we agreed on going skydiving for my 18th. This was beginning to become one of those situations where we neglect to remember come time for execution, so I decided that Jobe is leaving for the Army in a couple weeks, and I should mention it. Being Jobe’s crazy self, apon mentioning, he replies with “Your right. I totally forgot about it, lets stop at the airport”. Well I was under the impression that you had to acquire a license or something of the sort to legally skydive, but that wasn’t the case when we pulled up to the airport. We walked right over, and they told us that we could skydive right there if we wanted too. The fund-age wasn’t around at that moment in time, so we decided on making an appointment for the 14th. Completely in awe at the hangar we were in and the fact that we were going to do some skydiving, we watched a dive. It was pretty incredible watching a spot of black fall from the sky and poof into a swirling parachute.

Trip Home From Fazoli's

We left the airport and went to get some food. Of course eating is always a big riot. We leave on on the way home we pulled the fun trick where everyone in the truck pretends to be sleeping, we drive past a car, and swerve vigorously into the rattle-bumps on the side of the road, then swerve back on the road everyone in the truck jumping up as fast as possible…. ahh, the times.