Overview :)


Well, this just happens to be the day that I set up the ol’ Live Journal. So I suppose that I could tell a little about myself and what I am doing. Well, I have been deeply involved in computer-associated things since I was in 6th grade when I learned QBASIC. From there, I went on to mastering the internet (yahoo.com <– like the only site on the web at the time ;)… ). Got away from it for a while, until about 8th grade. I started programming visual basic, learning UNIX, learning graphics design, etc. The next few years of my life involve heavy computers and partying throughout my high-school career. I have done many things I regret, but many that I am quite proud of. One instance is me being in the senior picture of the class ahead of me. Another would be stacking every school trash-can in a nice pyramid in the back halls. Things like that. Until most recently when I decited to start a web-design/gfx design/software/server company =).

Which brings me to current time (Today).

Today, I drove 2 hours to Grand Rapids to have a meeting to discuss the future of Cybertekk (Our LAN center that we hope to put up). The meeting went fairly well (They never go perfect =)), and me and my dedicated co-worker (Sontek) went to pick up some supplies and things. Then, was the long ride home in which we both fell asleep, and me being at the wheel, had to pull over and pick up some caffene. Coffee drives my life that is for sure. Then I documented the day’s expences and went to sleep… er… signed up for this… and am going to sleep :).