TorrentVolve Release - PHP Bittorrent Client

Fortunatly, throughout all of the commotion of classes, I did manage to complete a project. Although it has been kept pretty much under wraps, I finally released the software alpha to the world today. Projects class brought the opportunity to develop my own open-source project. So I put together a great development team, and 7 weeks later TorrentVolve emerged. It is hosted at

What TorrentVolve is:

TorrentVolve is an open-source, multi-user, bittorrent client written with PHP. The intention was to make a web based torrent client that was really fast and supported any torrent client that users would like to use. We definitely accomplished that. The torrent client ships with a server version of Azureus so downloads can start immediately. If you would like to use a different client, we have a couple of interfaces to implement so the system knows how to use your particular client, drop it in the torrent modules directory, and select it in the admin page.

TorrentVolve Development Team:

  • Matthew Kruskamp
  • TJ Van Cott
  • Daniel Galloway
  • Charles Pence
  • Adam Nielsen