Theta Wars

Dusda and I have been working on an XNA project to replace our DirectX project. Again, since my updates fail to compare to my experiences, the viewers of this blog have no idea what I am talking about (Except for the house members). XNA is Microsoft’s release of a framework to develop Xbox 360 and Windows game applications. Beings that Dusda and I had a directx assignment due, our professor decided that a collaborative effort between Dusda and I in XNA would be appropriate. Unfortunatly for us, we had never used it before since it just released, so we have been pulling all nighters for the duration of the week in order to complete the assignment while still studying enough for the exams. We are almost complete, and the product will be kind of fun. Nothing flashy as we didn’t have the time, but I am sure this is not the last time I develop in it. So today, it is presentations for an AJAX, remoting, and COM+ services application that my team wrote, and Dusda and I will be finishing up Theta Wars.