The Switch to OSX

I have been an avid Windows user for quite some time now. I rocked out the linux bandwagon back in 2003, but I am pretty sure that was just for the nerdyness not for actual productivity.

Now I believe I have found the best of both worlds. I purchased a MacBook Pro a while back, used Boot Camp to install Windows on half the hard drive, and then pretty much left OSX to die in a corner while I used the sweet hardware with Windows 7.

Wanting to play with some video and audio stuff I booted back into OSX. I really loved the anti-aliasing of the fonts with the different applications as well as how pretty everything seemed. I decided to switch over permanently. One problem though. I am a Windows developer.

Along comes Parallels to save the day. I already have the partition for Windows that I have been using and I thought that I would use VMWare to do the virtualization, but it wouldn’t work with the Boot Camp partition unless I formatted the machine. No bueno. Parallels works like a champ. It loads up my Windows partition and I now have an OSX / Windows hybrid development box of awesome.