The Final Final

Recap. Yesterday was a fairly long day. I took my CS360 final that covered: COM+, Remoting, Message Queuing, Web Services, routing, and WSE3 Security policies. did alright on the written part, and got a 100% on the coding portion. Then I did a demo of mine and dusda’s XNA assignment to our DirectX professor. That went pretty well also. The cool part, however, was the insane amount of feedback from the students when we let people play it in the student commons. Fortunately, we actually made a game that people replayed and switched off with one another. The remainder of the day was spent with my car. She was running poorly so I cleaned up the engine bay, changed the oil, swapped out some spark plugs, and fixed all the warning lights. Then another long night… this time for packing for the trip to Michigan.

Today was my final final. Mathmatics is not my strong suit although I am very interested in it. I just haven’t done enough. So I was happy to get a 100% on the exam and finally end this quarter. What is ahead? 26 hours of driving.