Team Foundation Server on 2008

Installing Team Foundation Server on 2008 is a bit tricky. Here are a couple of notes to take into account before you install. This post is really just an archive for me, but if they are useful to people, yay! These are some of the issues I ran into:

Slipstream Service Pack 1

I went to install Team Foundation Server and I got some random errors about inability to connect with Reporting Services.

Team Foundation Server could not connect to the SQL Reporting Services WMI provider.Verify that SQL Reporting Services is installed and running. 

This was actually due to the fact that Team Foundation Server doesn’t work with SQL Server 2008 without Service Pack 1 slipstreamed. contains a good way to do it.

SQL Reporting Services on the TFS Machine

Apparently although Reporting Services uses web service TFS must have reporting services configured on the machine you install TFS on (Application Tier).