Synchronizing BlackJack with Vista, Bluetooth, and Outlook 2007

This tutorial should work with the majority of Windows Mobile devices. It is paramount to make sure you get everything working via connect cable before you even touch bluetooth. I have had many problems trying to sync with bluetooth initially. Also, make sure all of your bluetooth partnerships are removed before proceeding. Let’s begin:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer. Vista will recognize it and install it.
  2. Install Windows Mobile Device Center. This takes a bit. Vista will install driver information, and then proceed with the Windows Mobile Device Center installation.
  3. Click setup device.
  4. Remove existing partnerships with your phone to the device and follow the walkthrough. It will then perform an initial synchronization.
  5. Once everything is synchronizing happily, it is time for bluetooth. Make sure your drivers are up to date. For you T60p users, click here for the system updater. Also, make sure your bluetooth is on, and both devices are discoverable.
  6. Click on Bluetook Devices in the Control Panel and wait for it to find your device. Click on your device and start the wizard. Make sure you connect your computer to your device, and not vice-versa.

Have Fun.