Scuba Diving Pete Tide in Pensacola, Florida

From what I’ve been reading Pensacola seems to be a mecca for wreck diving. So when I got the opportunity to do a SCUBA trip with buddies I did not hesitate to dive right in (I know, bad… sorry). We did six wrecks total on this trip, and the Pete Tide II was definitely one of my favorites.

Pete Tide II is a 180 foot long supply ship used in and around Pensacola. It’s primary job was the delivery of supplies to oil rigs in the area. In 1979 the crew dragged their anchor across a natural gas pipeline causing an explosion off the New Orleans coast. It was sunk in 1993 as an artificial reef by Escambia County, and now sits 12 miles south of Pensacola Pass in 102 feet of water.

This wreck contains a ton of wildlife as well as swim-throughs, crevasses, and structures sure to captivate the interest of most all divers. The substructure starts at 60 feet and the average depth is about 80 feet. We did it on the way back from our deeper wrecks, and it offered just as much fun as the big ones.